What is INCRYPT.x?

INCRYPT.x is a full spectrum blockchain project. The team behind INCRYPT.x is building the Incrypt Eco-system; a series of interlinked blockchain based projects. The INCRYPT token is the fuel that powers the system. The INCRYPT token follows a deflationary protocol and has Static Yield Farming mechanisms implemented.
The idea is simple; we want to push the boundaries of De-Fi, and create a completely transparent and decentralized community controlled Investment Fund built on the protocols for Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO).
The INCRYPT token is built using the BEP20 standard on the Binance Smart Chain and employs Deflationary and Auto-Yield Generating tokenomics.
On every transaction, there is a 10% Tax imposed:
• 3% is Automatically burnt, thus reducing the supply and following the deflationary protocol.
• 4% Will be added to the De-Fi Wallet for investment purposes with 25% of the total value of the De-Fi wallet used for weekly Buy-Back and Burns which would further reduce supply while simultaneously adding BNB to the Liquidity Pool.
• 3% Will be redistributed to token holders, thus allowing holders to earn passive income by simply holding the token, also known as Static Yield Farming.
The burn address will not be excluded from reflection fees, so with every transaction the supply will be decreased in addition to the 3% burn fee aligning with the deflationary protocol.

The first part of the Incrypt Eco-System is the Community Based De-Fi Investment fund; funds will be autonomously generated through the INCRYPT tokenomics. where 4% of every transaction is pooled into the ‘De-Fi’ wallet for investment purpose. Further tokenomics allow for token holders to receive passive income generated from reflection tax, also known as ‘static yield farming’, There will also be the option to earn additional income by staking ‘wrapped’ INCRYPT tokens, and earning income in MATIC, TRX, ETH and BNB.

A decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) is a network of stakeholders with no central governing body, just a set of rules encoded on the blockchain, this allows for seamless and autonomous management, and removes the traditional issues associated with financial management such as bottlenecking and corruption. It creates a fully transparent and trustless system. The DAO will control the De-Fi wallet and the graphical interface for DAO will be built on a blockchain domain; incrypt.dao, which benefits from increased security and is censorship resistant. The DAO will house a blockchain based voting system. Based on this model, the community will be able to submit ‘investment proposals’, and token holders will be able to connect their wallet to the GUI of the DAO and cryptographically cast their vote on a proposal (that covers investment strategy, dividend distribution etc.) for the pooled funds in the ‘de-fi’ wallet. The token holders will have direct control, as the DAO will only execute proposals that have been voted on. The full whitepaper covers expected problems, along with proposed solutions, such as ‘reputation flow’ which will protect the DAO from corruption and malicious actors.

INCRYPT tokens will have additional utility besides the de-fi aspect; an exclusive NFT Marketplace is being developed, which connects artists with licensed cannabis growers to create ‘Cannabuddies’; Unique digital NFT trading cards that enables the holder to claim physical grams of cannabis from licensed dispensaries.

Incrypt Smart Chain
In the works, as a potential future project, is the Incrypt Smart Chain; a multi-layered blockchain aimed at securing data transactions while maintaining individual user privacy. The Incrypt Smart Chain will have multiple cross-chain bridges to allow for liquid swaps across multiple blockchains and will be built specifically for hosting DAOs. The vision is that the Incrypt Smart Chain will be known as the ‘De-fi Chain’ where investment companies could register their fund, and get access to decentralized funding, while giving individual investors full transparency and traceability of funds. With tokenized stocks and forex derivatives becoming mainstream, the Incrypt Smart chain will be the gateway to all financial products. We are also exploring the possibility of having a satellite broadcast the Incrypt Smart Chain Network in the future.

Incrypt Wallet with Built in DEX
In the works is a GUI multi-currency wallet built on a mobile app, that will allow users to store INCRYPT and other cryptos, and stake directly in-app. There will be built in bridges to the routers of many Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) to allow users to trade directly in app. Incrypt Token holders will also be able to access the DAO interface directly in-app and submit, view and vote on Investment Proposals.

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